Welcome to Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Moneylenders Association

Side News on 7 May , 2015

MPLMA began with the vision that an industry association could serve as the catalyst for growth in an industry through simple guiding principles. MPLMA was also incorporated as an umbrella organization for Money Lending organizations and individuals as an association limited by guarantee with the following objectives:

  • To represent, develop and promote the money lending industry and to generally further the interests of its members.
  • To project money lending as an important and integral part of the business of financing individuals and businesses.
  • To keep members informed of matters relating to the trade and the finance industry generally and to facilitate their interaction so as to better promote their interest in the industry.
  • To maintain good relations with governmental authorities and to assist them through regular feedback.
  • To advocate ethical practice in the money lending industry

MPLMA Services Includes:

  • To serve as  the main platform   liaising with KPKT, PDRM, NGO’s pertaining to all Money Lending aspects .
  • To guide Money Lenders towards the Legal Aspect of Lending , Collection  & Recovery .
  • To gather cooperation within all our members to have a uniform way of lending, and reducing the risk factors of lending.
  • To provide advise & information  when necessary on Annual Reports submission , License Renewals , Book keeping, and other related inquiries .
  • To conducts seminars & workshops  to ensure that all our members are well educated & updated on the latest KPKT regulations