1. Borrowers can be categorized to be from Government sectors , Private sectors & Businesses.
2. A borrower is advised to visit only Licensed Money lenders that has a valid License from enforcement agency .A copy of Valid license is to be displayed by the money lenders at his business premises. The borrower is requested to observe the license validity before proceeding for a loan.
3.Legal borrowing rates for lending are 18% per annum for unsecured loans & 12% per annum for secured loans.
4. The borrower is to understand the agreement that is being signed and be mindful that late payment charges do apply if the contracted terms are not abided.
5. Basic documents required to process a loan would be as follows :
    a) Malaysian Identification card
    b) Salary Slip & Bank statements to show proof of income for repayments purpose
    c) Any other related documents / supporting documents  that may be required to assist the loan application.